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Root canal treatment is a specialized procedure that is performed when the pulp of a tooth develops an infection. This treatment has a very high success rate, and every year it helps millions of people save damaged teeth from extraction.

Root canal infections can be caused by a very deep cavity or a serious injury. The primary goals of root canal treatment are to remove harmful decay and deterioration, restore the structure of the tooth and encourage healing. The inside of a tooth consists of a soft material called the pulp. The pulp is extremely vulnerable to bacterial infections, but it is usually protected by the tough outer enamel. However, if the pulp becomes damaged, it will cause very serious problems for the tooth. The structure will begin to rot, and the patient will experience severe pain. Eventually, the tooth will die, and it will need to be removed from the mouth. That is why seeking root canal treatment early is extremely important.

Some of the signs that root canal treatment is needed include:

  • Severe and intense toothache
  • Temperature sensitivities
  • Swollen lymph nodes
  • Abscesses on the gums

When performing a root canal treatment, our experts will access the inner structure of the tooth from the top. We will then clean out the tooth and remove any harmful material. An antimicrobial liquid will then be used to flush out the root canals and clean the inside of the tooth. In order to provide structure for the tooth, a medicated filling substance will be used to fill the area. This will also help to encourage proper healing after the procedure. The final step is to apply a dental crown to the treated tooth. The crown will prevent future fractures or breakages from occurring. Once recovery is complete, the patient should be able to use their tooth normally.

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William Arnott

This was the best dental experience of my life. Dr. Troy Kemahli was very meticulous, knowledgeable, and knows how to give almost painless shots. He has the latest hi-tech equipment and the office staff were well trained and friendly. And their prices are very reasonable 😁. I highly recommend Dr. Troy Kemahli at Wauchula Dental!

Sarah Castro

They are really great!!! I had all of my kids with me and they were really helpful. And if i had any problems they did everything they could to help me. I strongly recommend them to anyone.

Chin Patel

Everyone is so kind and wonderful. Very happy with the service I received there. They were able to get me in quickly and take care of my broken tooth the same day.
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